Getaway Dreamer

Hey outside world!

Currently I am preparing everything to restart my new storyboard of my upcoming graphic novel RUST CITY – AGAINST THE SUN. Many things changed – characters, backrounds, settings, relations – and I am really excited to throw it on paper all over again! Since I have decided to write my master thesis about visual storytelling in graphic novels, I will be perfectly prepared to realize it! To reach the fullfilling goal of a visual storyteller – to touch and inspire, to motivate and reach people with stories and unforgetable moments – all that became the most important thing in my life. Will you join my journey; the journey of Drake, an ever struggling, fighting getaway dreamer? The journey of a break out, a search for freedom, trust, and hope, and an arrival? Where will he head? Where will we head?

Well, we’ll see. Until next time.



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