It’s all an act

„How did it come that I just think of weird people being exciting and think the rest of those only are unconcious instruments for society as a whole?“

This is a question a very good friend asked me, after finishing our common studies.  I thought long about it and finally, I’ve come to an answer:

I think, there are just weird people out there. I don’t believe in normal, the average. Sure, there might be something „general“, a common bevavior, a general view, opinion, belief. We’ve made up rules how to move in this world so that we might not hurt others. We named persons being authorities, responsible for decisions of the community. We orientate ourselves looking around at others – that’s why it’s easy for 100 people to cross the crossroad in Shibuya, although they face another 100 people, directly moving towards them. Cause they now, follow the stream, and you’ll get to the other side.

Sometimes, I feel like being a part of it, like being an instrument just to hold up this society…and I can’t defend myself. But what for are we holding up truly?  I’m struggeling through my journey, cause I know, it’s all an act, in which everyone has his role. Holds up his mask. So that we believe in being „normal“ and „not normal“. But truly, we just don’t know each other.

The key is: We’re all okay as we are. With all our weird fantasies, unusual habits, broken memories. Mostly important is, to take the time to return to yourself, to take a detour, although, in „general“ the „clock is ticking“. Although in „general“ you have to „function“. There are 100 ways to make it, not just the „common“ one.

And in the end, journey is the reward.

See you next time.


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