So, this will be about creating my main character.
For those, who are impatient, like I am:

Drake came into existence, because I lost hope in mankind.

The first time I drew him, that was 10 months ago, I wanted to create somebody, who believes in a better world. One of a kind, who looks at you, smiling, when you cry, saying, that everything will turn good. But one of a kind, who really believes in it – not somebody, who just want you to stop crying.

I began drawing a naive, positive character, who seemed to be the opposite of the world where he lives in. Drake is bold, carefree and sometimes also careless. Although he’s rid of his job, he goes on making the best of it, even giving everything to succeed. If he succeeds, he’ll get the chance to move to a higher district – he’d get the chance to be free. He’s someone, who gains his note and his confidence out of his effected performance, cause he’s a clubbable and honest character. Taking this role, he also has a rebellious and racalcitrant side, which keeps him alive, aside the all-time recording cameras. He steals, he takes drugs and also gets into fights if someone yaps or flames. Sometimes he just frequents the black markets to get his head clear, when everything is just too much.

I remembered who I was when I was younger – and I didn’t have to think long about Drake. I know, who he is, cause I know, who I was. Since I’ve begun thinking, I always hated authorities. I threw bottles at police men, I made my class teacher cry.

And I hated art class. I never wanted somebody commanding me what to draw, hell god, to instruct me about the one thing I really loved, the one thing, that kept me calm. That’s why I didn’t study art, but sociology, cause I wanted to understand this goddamn world around us. I still had hope, that anywhere, at anytime, I could change something, change the world and make it to a better place. I was naive, and still am, but not blinded anymore. After four years of studying the society and turning back from abroad, seeing slums aside big fabulous skyscrapers, I was unhappy, cause I realized, that mankind was, well, a pretty mess.

So I decided to dedicate my soul to fiction and started my own story.

I hope I could get you a little insight into the creation of Drake. When creating the first serious main character, I can give the clue to think about yourself. What was your biggest struggle, what was the central theme of your life, your most heaviest desicions to make? Compare your present self with your younger self and you’ll get hell of ideas!
See you next time :-),


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