Revealing yourself

Hey outside-people!

This time it’s me – the author and creator of the story, „Rust City“. I thought it would be also interesting to show up, how this graphic novel arises out of my mind and what steps I have to take to get to the level of drawings and production of scenes. I found out, that many interested people at the last convention mentioned, that they would be also curious about „behind-the-scenes“ information referring to the developement of the story. I will refer to my own characters when speaking of certain roles in story, with „he“ or „she“. So, here I go!

I think the main idea of a really good story is understanding the protagonist in his personality, his character, his role in story: He is the centre of action. The reader looks through his eyes, sees the world, understands the problems, even feels, through his perspective. Actually, most of the time.

That’s why I spent also the most time with working on Drake. Not only working out his characteristics or his goal, more than that: Working out his past, his philosophy, his methodology, his habits, his intention, his motive, which drives him through the whole story. Cause this is character driven storytelling.

You have to work so hard on your character, that you sometimes feel like finally being him. Like having a whole parallel existence going along you. That may sounds crazy, but when you get to this point, it feels like falling in love. It feels like knowing this person forever.

You are just happy, excited, but also confused and want to discover more and more. You’ll ask yourself how you were able to be without this person. Sometimes you’ll caught yourself smirking along when writing scenes. Sometimes you’ll cry with him. It’s like drawing the curtain and finally knowing yourself in the truest way possible. When you come to make this experience – and I would wish everybody to have it – it will touch you deeply. It will shake your heart. It will change your view about your own actions, it will reveal what you desire, what you’re afraid of, who you are and who you’d wish to be.

Currently I am working on the script of Rust City again, changing the order of scenes and cutting a lot. Also, focusing on dialogues, especially creating flashback scenes for the understanding of Drake. I hope that I can finish it soon, so that I can go back scribbeling scenes.

I hope you stay tuned and I am really happy that you decided to take a look into this post!
See you next time hopefully :-)!
– Annette.


2 Antworten auf “Revealing yourself”

  1. Do you know this feeling of talking to characters in your head? Sometimes feels pretty noisy. 😀
    Unfortunately I still didn’t find this connection with my own characters, which is probably the reason why I feel so reluctant to work on the project. How did you get started? Was it a special situation, problem, feeling, dialogue, that made you want to work on Rust City? And what or who was first? The concept for the story or the character? What do you do to get in the tune again, when you had to stop working on your project for a while?
    Maybe some of the questions inspire you to future author-centered blog posts. I’m curious to read more about your creative process. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much for commenting :). Indeed, it IS definitely noisy when those characters just can’t stop talking in my head :D. I can’t even remember properly what was first, my main character, or the world. I think really, it was both at the same time. My main character doesn’t work outside this world. Drake is a product of this world. Thank you so much for questioning, that really makes me think of it and I will try to answer your questions due to writing my posts on my blog. But I can answer one for sure: Since I’ve begun to work on this story, I never stopped working on it. There was not a single day to rest, cause, you know, with thos talking characters, it just doesn’t work. There CAN’T be a day where I don’t think of it. I write down ideas, scribbling, or at least recording my voice, when I’m to lazy. So, I hope that you stick to further posts and stay stuned :)!

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