„A light they can’t replace“

There was a time, in which I loved to see the sun.

A while, long time ago, when I believed in the world I saw. But my sight was delusive. That was before I got to know the realm of shades. Before my father decided to raise me into the darkness.

The gloom let me wander in blurry ways, it seemed that I couldn’t see nor walk, cause I stumbled, I fell, I could smell the rotting, filthy ground. I was angry like hell, cause he took the sun away from me. I was enraged and wanted to go berserk, before I understood, that there was a reason he tried to give me, which led me understand my existence. I had to learn to leverage this seeming lack. To turn it into my strength, to an advantage – to power.

Even more, he made me realize, that they took away the sun, but there’s a light they can’t replace. Now I became a shadow for the only person who gives us… a sight. For Drake.
Finally I had a responsibility, and with that, a purpose, for which I lived from that on. I wanted to fight for light. Darkness became my protective blanket.

Guess, what’s the most funny thing? My purpose became my existence and sometimes…
I don’t even know if I could ever enjoy the light anymore.

If I would be even able to turn back into the time where I loved to see the sun.




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