„Between the lines“

My name’s Seth.
I serve the Imperial Base, testing and developing medical healthcare for the welfare of mankind. Sounds honorable, right? Well, less honorable, if you switch your testing object to the person you love…

But I have no other choice than following this reprehensible path.  I don’t really serve them, you know. I range in both parties, the known, and the unknown thread puller.

That was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made.

I was never feinted before – thinking my decision was right. Yet I was mistaken about the glory goal of the self-proclaimed justice operating in secrecy. I shed light on the darkest goal of the shadows, and now, here I am – between the lines, and there’s no way out.

Now, there’s nothing left but the try to leave nothing undone, even if it means to hurt the only person who means the world to you.




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