„Memories, which aren’t defining me“

Everyone has memories.

And I’m pretty sure that you have memories, too. Beautiful memories and less good ones. Funny thoughts of the past, unique winks and, you know, just cool moments, which you’ll always remember your hole life. My grandmother once said, that our past actions are defining what we are today. So, our present actions are defining what comes next, right?

I wish I’d had memories like these. Memories, which are defining me here and now. I’ve tried so many times to remember what happened until the day I found myself in the orphanage. I – I can’t remember anything. Just…dark smoke…Time by time I feel this guilt deep inside, like, I’ve done something wrong.

More that I am the mistake.

When I sense this feeling crawling under my skin, I want to fight just to gild the guilt with exhaustion. Haha, at least that’s the moment I’m really good in practicing combat against Akito.

Oh – I’m happy I’ve found a photographic camera at the dump! It’s broken, but if I could fix it, I’ll take photos. Of us, Akito – my grandmother, the kids, me. So I could never forget something again…


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