„A light they can’t replace“

There was a time, in which I loved to see the sun.

A while, long time ago, when I believed in the world I saw. But my sight was delusive. That was before I got to know the realm of shades. Before my father decided to raise me into the darkness.

The gloom let me wander in blurry ways, it seemed that I couldn’t see nor walk, cause I stumbled, I fell, I could smell the rotting, filthy ground. I was angry like hell, cause he took the sun away from me. I was enraged and wanted to go berserk, before I understood, that there was a reason he tried to give me, which led me understand my existence. I had to learn to leverage this seeming lack. To turn it into my strength, to an advantage – to power.

Even more, he made me realize, that they took away the sun, but there’s a light they can’t replace. Now I became a shadow for the only person who gives us… a sight. For Drake.
Finally I had a responsibility, and with that, a purpose, for which I lived from that on. I wanted to fight for light. Darkness became my protective blanket.

Guess, what’s the most funny thing? My purpose became my existence and sometimes…
I don’t even know if I could ever enjoy the light anymore.

If I would be even able to turn back into the time where I loved to see the sun.



„Between the lines“

My name’s Seth.
I serve the Imperial Base, testing and developing medical healthcare for the welfare of mankind. Sounds honorable, right? Well, less honorable, if you switch your testing object to the person you love…

But I have no other choice than following this reprehensible path.  I don’t really serve them, you know. I range in both parties, the known, and the unknown thread puller.

That was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made.

I was never feinted before – thinking my decision was right. Yet I was mistaken about the glory goal of the self-proclaimed justice operating in secrecy. I shed light on the darkest goal of the shadows, and now, here I am – between the lines, and there’s no way out.

Now, there’s nothing left but the try to leave nothing undone, even if it means to hurt the only person who means the world to you.



„A mind, poisened by mistakes“

Perfection is an illusion. Nevertheless, we all aim for it, with every inch of our wretched bodies, with all costs. But deep inside…we all know it’s utopia.

That’s why I hate the nights, in which I’m haunted by the feeling of being something else, than I intend to be, should be, decided to turn into…for what I was created for.

A mind, poisened by mistakes, weakness and faults is worthless. I see these glitches in front of my eye, flames and darkness and the blue bright sky and… This kid, number 217. I hate nothing more than the feeling of beeing disgusted of…myself.

Again, I had to retake myself to the charging station, „incidents of tiredness“, they said. Huh. It’s their duty to synchronize my mortal body with the evolutionary part in it’s best possible form. Annoying. Thoughts and feelings are confusing my mind, they appear out of a sudden, unconrollable, like a deep hidden bug in a perfect running system, invisible, but running their way of destruction. As soon as I try to keep them out of my head, they break down even more unexpected, at any time, any moment.

I desire nothing more than abandoning my mortal body. But mankind is not full developed, not yet, so I have to wait. And keep going.